Domain Names & Hosting Tips

A domain name is your website address or sometimes called your URL. You will require a domain name in order to get a website. Your domain name is then pointed towards wherever your website is hosted so the internet knows which website to show.

You can choose any domain name that has not already been purchased. A vast majority of the time, a business will have their company name as their domain name. However you can use some key words instead like for

Domains now come with various extensions. An extension is the letters that appear after the domain name. Many people will be familiar with the .com or extensions but over the last few years there have been auditions like .co, .club or .london.
Our advice is to choose a extension for your website.

There are hundreds of places where you can register your domain name. The cheapest and easiest places are:

The most basic domain name will cost no more than £4 for the year. You can choose to purchase the domain name for a one, two or maybe even 5 year period. Your domain name will have to be renewed after your chosen period otherwise you will simply lose your domain name.

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