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Get Webhosting & Domain Name


Now you have decided to have a website for your business or club, you will need a name for it and also somewhere to get it hosted (domain name and hosting)

For a number of years now, we have been using Krystal (formally Smart Hosting) and have found them good value for money, great customer service and also very reliable with minimal down time. 

Head to their website and select Hosting and then Cloud Hosting.  For 99% of websites, their cheapest option, called Amethyst, will give you everything you need. 

At just £3.99 a month on £39.99 a year, you can actually get two hosted websites, 5GB Disk Space, 20 MySQL Databases with weekly and monthly backups. This is on top of a FREE SSL Certificate, Unlimited email addresses and much more.

We would suggest you arrange for your own hosting due to the fact many online support companies, like ourselves, would simply go to Krystal and then put another £50 or so a year on your bill!  This way, you get the cheapest option from us and you have full control of the website if you do not require our services going forward. 

We would highly recommend Krystal.