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Marketing & Business Development Strategy


As we (hopefully) come out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, business will be different and you will need to refocus to survive.  Online competition will be stronger and you may come up against different competition as we look for other markets to make up the deficit. With a massive increase of staff working from home, businesses closing offices and PPE taking centre stage, every business will need to look at themselves, re invent themselves and get more support from experts.

Apparently, only 60% of businesses have a strategy and without a strategy, execution is impossible.  You need to question yourself, look at your business, make changes if you need to and look at the what, when, how and why’s. What you are doing, when are you doing it, how you are doing and also why you are doing it with achievable goals.  

For us to help you, we need to understand your new business, your new way of marketing and thinking and also for you to question yourself.  We cannot simply just do the same thing as we were doing pre COVID-19, you simply won’t survive. 

What are you good at? What do you do better than your competition?
What do you not so well? What do you competitors do better than you?
Think of something new that is in demand? What can you take advantage of? What is your best target?
This could be staff, internet, lack of planning, marketing etc