Ecommerce Websites

We're a team that delivers.

If you are looking to sell a product to the member of public or a business then one option would be to head to eBay or Amazon.

Although we’re great fans of these platforms, there are also downsides which include the high percentage cost for selling a product and also the lack of flexibility when wanting to establish a relationship with the buyer after sales.

Therefore having your own e-commerce system gets rid of a lot of the negatives but does mean we have to work hard to get you found online.

Our e-commerce platforms are built on the most up-to-date and popular systems out there meaning you have a fast and flexible website where you can fully engage with your customers. We have worked on websites with over 20,000 products down to niche product websites with only 6 sku’s. 

Whatever it is you want to sell online, we have a proven track record of delivering the systems amd also working hard to capitalise on further sales and long term relationships with your new customers.

Our average e-commerce site gives you the ability to have a safe and secure site with SSL certificates, the ability to upload or manually add products, to have invoice and packing notes available, the deployment of abandoned cart facilities to remind customers they have notordered along with e-marketing integration where you can promote your business in future. 

We are happy to work with you on any additional functionalities that you may require.


Our Process



We listen to you and find our about your business, your customers, your ambitions and your current state of play.



We help define your business goals and help identify what you are looking for from DA Digital Marketing’s range of services.



We help look at your customer base and work-out who your ideal target audience is – it could just beanyone and everyone.



We develop a plan based upon your business goals, your target audience and your ability to grow your business.



Once we have worked on the development aspect, we deliver your requirements and work with you to tweak where you need.



We look for a long and beneficial relationship with you and can look at ongoing support through our experience on business development.