Project Techno Diagnostics

Techno Diagnostics

Project Techno Diagnostics

Recently made redundant and with over 25 years experience within their field, our client found the supplier that his ex-employee was using and continued the great business that he had been working on over the years.

With a very quick turnaround, we have produced a full ecommerce site for some highly lucrative products ensuring that his current and new customer have somewhere to order their products from. 

This is a very niche product for us to support but working with the client, who has all the experience, we  listened to what they required and launched a platform ready for them to continue their employment, but this time for themsleves.

Visit the Techo Diahnostics Website


Don’t just have a websites saying who you are – get found online and get more customers with our static websites


Anything from a few products to niche products right through to full catalogues with thousands of SKU’s – we can help you sell more.


From E-Commerce to Social Media right through to advice on purchasing, logistics and project planning.

Our Unique Process....



We listen to you and find our about your business, your customers, your ambitions and your current state of play.



We help define your business goals and help identify what you are looking for from DA Digital Marketing’s range of services.



We help look at your customer base and work-out who your ideal target audience is – it could just beanyone and everyone.



We develop a plan based upon your business goals, your target audience and your ability to grow your business.



Once we have worked on the development aspect, we deliver your requirements and work with you to tweak where you need.



We look for a long and beneficial relationship with you and can look at ongoing support through our experience on business development.

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