DA Digital Marketing

We specialise in helping independent businesses, both online and offline, based in Erith, Bexley, Crayford, Bexleyheath, Dartford and around the UK

Static Websites

The fact is, anyone can produce a website especially with the likes of Wix and other services. But a website is more than just a Home Page, an About Us Page and a Contact Page., you have to get foun, have funcionality and have backup for future development in this ever changing field.

Trading Websites

If you are looking to sell a product to the member of public or a business then one option would be to head to eBay or Amazon.

Although we’re great fans of these platforms, there are also downsides which include the high percentage cost for selling a product and also the lack of flexibility when wanting to establish a relationship with the buyer after sales.

Therefore having your own e-commerce system gets rid of a lot of the negatives but does mean we have to work hard to get you found online

Other Services

We also have a wide range of services available including e-mail marketing, social media, offline business development, Search Engine Optimisation and more.