Changes to Facebook

Facebook & Instagram Update – November 2017

News is reaching us from Facebook about some important algorithm changes that are either in effect or will be coming into effect very soon. Although it’s not just Facebook, as the own Instagram, these changes will also apply soon to that to that platform too.

An algorithm is a set of rules which can dictate your appearance or life span of your social media post. Like Google’s algorithm, no one actually knows every algorithm but hopefully the following changes that we are aware of will help.

For years now, many advisers have been suggesting to put a link from your social media post to your website or the related page on your website. Facebook has now cottoned on to the fact that people are using this practice for SEO or just to get people from Facebook onto their website. Posts which include a URL or a blatant Call To Action like ‘Click Here’ to order will have a much lower score therefore will be more difficult to see.

This is part of Facebook’s Over Promotion Post Rules and going forward, post that do not adhere will be de-prioritised.

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