Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are many uses of Affiliate Marketing including bloggers, YouTube Vloggers and many large websites  like voucher code sites,  BBC and other companies like Uber.

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is just about referrals!  It’s about advertising a product or service that are not your own where an action is taken, like purchasing or a sign up, and you earn a commission for referring.

So if you already have an existing website where you are selling health based products for example,  you can also advertise another company’s fitness equipment for instance. When someone clicks through the link to the fitness product, it will take them to another website and any sales that are taken are tracked and you will receive a commission. Another example would be if you had your own Fishing website and you gave advice on Fishing. You could link up with a Fishing Equipment Business who you then advertise and in turn earn commission on any sales

Many large companies have their own Affiliate Program including the likes of Amazon which is called Amazon Associates. Or a much easier way is to join one of the UK’s Affiliate Networks and we would certainly recommend Affiliate Window, also known as Awin.

There are 4 people included in the Affiliate Marking process:

  • The Affiliate, which is you and you advertise a company’s product or services
  • Affiliate Network, such as Affiliate Window, who gives you access to the companies who you can earn money from
  • The Merchants, whose product or services you are advertising
  • And of course, the public, who will click the link on your website and make a purchase through the Merchant

There are different ways in which you can advertise a Merchant’s product or service. Affiliate Window have a very good user interface where you can view and deploy useful web banners which have been professionally created that you can add to your website. You can also create different links which point people towards the Merchants websites. These links can either go straight to the Merchants homepage or you can create something called a Deep Link which can lead them to a certain product or product category.

Some Merchants also have Product Feeds which you can tailor to your requirements and download the data into Excel. With some help from us and using one of our online trading systems, we can then upload thousands of products for you to advertise on your website and start earning commissions from.

The important factor to this is your personal Affiliate Code. This is embedded into the link where you can easily see how many people have clicked through, how many people have ordered and most importantly how much commission you earn.

Over the last few years the use of Voucher Codes has increased dramatically. You too could benefit from this trend as you also have access to hundreds of voucher codes to offer your users or customers.

And rest assured, if someone clicks through to your link and then goes directly to the business of few days later, Affiliate Window’s clever software still tracks your referral and you are awarded the commissions, sometimes up to 90 days after the action!

Signing up to Affiliate Window is easy to do although they do charge £5 which you get back when accepted.  Simply click here and follow the instructions.  Once you have done that, download our FREE guide so we can help you through the process or contact us to see where we can help.

So where do we fit in?

We have had vast experience with the affiliate community for a number of years so can help your ideas turn into reality. Our Static or Trading websites can be turned into commission generating systems where you can start earning cash on the back end of your idea.

If you already have an existing website, we can work with you to identify the best merchants to work with and the best ways to advertise these merchants. And please do not forget that it’s not just about your website for advertising, you could have an Email Marketing database which you can utilise and even social media can have a great impact.

So, if you have an idea and you would like to generate cash from it, contact us.  You can also download our FREE Affiliate Window Guide once you have been accepted onto their platform.

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